Yangshuo Moon Hill Village


Yangshuo Moon Hill Village – the perfect place to start your journey

Moon Hill Village (Li Cun 历村), is just 5 minutes from the Gaotian Exit of the Guilin-Yangshuo superhighway, but its residents have maintained their traditional lifestyle. The village lies in the shadow of famous Moon Hill and the surrounding Scenic Area, which includes numerous caves, hiking trails and limestone karst towers.

The Grove


While visiting our the Village Innl be sure to stop and enjoy a freshly brewed cup of fine tea in our own pomelo grove. This ancient stand of shady trees is the perfect place to escape the heat on a sunny day. Relax in your own quiet space, surrounded by original mud brick houses and narrow lanes.

The Grove is a shaded garden of 100 year-old pomelo trees, which we have rescued from development and rehabilitated the trees so that they now bear fruit. Enjoy breakfast or lunch here in addition to happy hour drinks. The Grove features Chinese Tea and Marriage Freres French teas, as well as snacks, freshly brewed coffees and cold drinks.

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The Farmhouse

The Farmhouse is a restored traditional mud-brick barn that we have converted into five beautiful guestrooms, with a spacious main hall, pantry and private back garden. There only a few of these buildings left in Moon Hill Village and ours is the only one that can comfortably accommodate outside guests. For families and small group bookings, please inquire at the Yangshuo Village Inn reception or contact us by e-mail.


There are numerous caves within short walking or biking distance of the Yangshuo Village Inn. Speak with Anna or Tina at reception to help you find the one that best suits your physical ability and interests.