Shaxi Old Theatre Inn


Our sister hotel, Shaxi Old Theatre Inn, Yunnan

This #1 TripAdvisor rated family-owned inn is a secret favorite of China travelers in the know. Yangshuo Mountain Retreat and Village Inn designer Chris Barclay recently renovated this property as well as the nearby historic Pear Orchard Temple. Chris has hired and trained a team of local village women to run the Shaxi Old Theatre Inn, including English and computer lessons for Sam, our manager. Chris is creating a visitor’s center in the retored Pear Orchard Temple in cooperation with town and county government as part of a strategic sustainable development plan for this unspoiled valley in the foothills of the Himalaya.

The Shaxi Old Theatre Inn is an historic cultural landmark in Northwest Yunnan and a favorite of discerning travelers. Formerly the Dragonfly Guesthouse, it has five authentic guestrooms and has become an international award-winning ecolodge. Enjoy homemade Shaxi village fare prepared by our chef Mrs. Jiping, and be sure to try our wines from around the world. Watch village life go by from the terrace overlooking the rice and barley fields below. The Inn is run by Sam, Shixiang and Jipin, three local Bai women from Duan Village and are proud to share their unique Bai culture with visitors.


Shaxi Old Theatre Inn is a unique opportunity to hear the ancient Dongjing music ensemble perform on a Qing Dynasty opera stage in the hotel courtyard. This is traditional music that is increasingly rare in China and the Old Theatre Inn sponsors regular performances as well as training younger performers. A must experience in Shaxi Yunnan.

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