Teach in Yangshuo

Teach in Yangshuo China – schools and visa services

The most prestigious and reputable English teachers organization in Yangshuo. This is ran by Chinese and Westerners with over 64 franchise schools located all over China they offer great packages and look after their teachers very well. For more information please visit this website.

Volunteer English Teacher Program (V.E.T.)
V.E.T. was set up to tackle the problem of lack of education for the poor in the Yangshuo Guilin region of Guangxi. It was founded and by Owen Buckland & Canadian Laurie Mackenzie in 2004. Laurie, at the young age of 78, saw there was an important need for children of poor families to learn English. The organization is a registered Chinese charity and volunteer organization and has grown at a very fast rate since it was established. You can volunteer for as long as you like or even for just an afternoon. For more information go to their website here.

Volunteer in Yangshuo and make a difference

While household incomes of many people in Yangshuo have risen dramatically over the past 20 years with the influx of tourism, there are many here who still make a subsistence living. The majority are rice farmers and fishermen, who have been affected by climate change, decades of monoculture farming and over fishing. Many of these local people supplement their incomes with cash crops in order to pay for their children’s education.

Help with planting and harvesting, as well as spending a couple of hours a day teaching English can make a big difference to many families, especially those whose younger children have gone off to cities to find work.

If you’d like to contribute to the lives of poor local families in Yangshuo County, please let us know where you’d like to help and how much time you’d like to spend. We are proud to facilitate the involvement of our guests in the betterment of Yangshuo people.

Caution: there are many schools that promise visas for those who teach in Yangshuo, but there are very few who have the license to hire foreigners. We strongly recommend the Buckland Group and Omeida as a starting point for teaching English in Yangshuo.