Sustainable initiatives


Reducing our impact on the local environment

At Yangshuo Village Inn, we are committed to keeping Yangshuo beautiful for future generations and business practices that preserve our environment and contribute to the local community. In our boutique hotel you’ll find:

[ame_list] [yes]All guestroom furniture is handmade from locally sustainable bamboo[/yes]

[yes]No plastic bottles – all guestrooms are supplied with aluminum drinking water flasks and hot water flasks [/yes]

[yes]No disposable products of any kind in use at the hotel. Even our shampoo and bath gel bottles are refillable ceramic works of art. [/yes]

[yes]Solar hot water [/yes]

[yes]All guestroom floors are EcoWood laminate which uses waste wood material [/yes]

[yes]We grow our own vegetables and herbs for the restaurant (Luna) in our organic back garden located behind the Farmhouse. [/yes]

[yes]All food waste is recycled for animal feed [/yes]

[yes]All non-food waste is saved for recycling [/yes]

[yes]We use non-toxic cleaning agents throughout the hotel. [/yes]

[yes]All staff are from surrounding villages and have English/skills training from a part-time foreign coach. [/yes]

[yes]5% of profits go toward local educational initiatives. [/yes][/ame_list]

Our Farmhouse follows all of the above policies/construction except we use locally made brick fascia in the floors to accommodate radiant heating which is also heated by solar and electric backup. This saves a lot of energy for winter heating, as guests don’t need to use A/C