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The best Yangshuo climbing, all close by Yangshuo Village Inn

Yangshuo climbing for beginners to experts

Yangshuo is Asia’s largely undiscovered climbing heaven, with over 70,000 karst towers, there is vast potential to create new routes and discover unexplored crags. Given the diversity of the formations, there are seemingly endless opportunities for climbers of all abilities to hone their skill levels and in Yangshuo there are a number of trusted climbing guides. No matter if it’s your first time out or if you’re a climbing superstar, you’ll find plenty of places to challenge yourself in Yangshuo. There are also equipment rental and instruction available through our recommended guide organizations below.

Yangshuo Village Inn is an excellent staging point for climbers who seek to explore local crags around the Yulong River Valley. The Village Inn is located close to a number of popular Yangshuo climbing routes, including Moon Hill – a favorite of climbers of all levels. A short hike or bike ride away are Copper Gate, Thumb Peak, Wine Bottle and Gold Cat crags. The Village Inn can also help you organize your Yangshuo climbing adventures with trusted guides in Yangshuo.

Recommended Schools

Karst Climber

Karst Café led the way for guided rock climbing in Yangshuo, and has brought more than 400 groups to climb the dozens of nearby routes. The guide service was set up in 1999 and provides a variety of guiding services, offering safe, professional service to all levels of climbers. Karst Climber is run by Ginger, an excellent climber herself, and her former restaurant, the Karst Café was a legendary hangout for climbers in Yangshuo for many years. Ginger speaks great English and as do her partner guides, some of the westerners. We highly recommend her service.

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