Getting to Yangshuo

Simplify your Yangshuo travel with Village Inn

Guilin Airport to Yangshuo Village Inn

From Guilin Airport Yangshuo Village Inn provides door-to-door transfer service in a private sedan for RMB ¥300. The price for a six-seat van is RMB ¥500. The travel time is 60 minutes getting to Yangshuo Village Inn.

There are also Guilin airport shuttles to Guilin city and taxis available from downtown. Please be sure to negotiate the price with the driver first! The price should be no higer than RMB ¥200. The Village Inn can also arrange a private pickup for you in Guilin. The fare is RMB ¥270 and takes about 1 hour.

Guilin Train Station to Yangshuo Village Inn

There are taxis available at the Guilin train station and thefare should be no more than RMB ¥270 to Yangshuo Village Inn. Please confirm the price with the driver first! We charge the same price for a driver to take you from there to the Village Inn. The ride takes a little over an hour.

Yangshuo Bus Station to Yangshuo Village Inn

There are minibuses which cost RMB ¥2 each from Yangshuo West Street to Gaotian Town. Before you get to Gaotian, get off at Moon Hill Village (历村) there, you will need to walk 500 meters to the Village Inn. If you want a minivan to take you in to the Village Inn, the cost is RMB ¥50 each way. If by taxi, the fare is RMB ¥30.

Li River Cruise dock to Yangshuo Village Inn

When you get off the boat, please walk up West Street (the main tourist street in Yangshuo) to the end, then you will see the post office across Pantao Road. You can get a minibus for RMB ¥3 per person (Yangshuo-Gaotian) or you can take a taxi to either Village Inn or Mountain Retreat, the taxi cost is RMB ¥30 one way. Please confirm the price with the driver first! If you are coming late at night, the price may be RMB ¥40 but no more!